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Sam Scarborough

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For other uses of "Sam", see Sam (disambiguation).

Sam Scarborough
Gender Male
Animal Monkey
Hair color Brown
Cartoon debut Waiting to Go

Sam "Slam Dunk" Scarborough is a character that has appeared in various episodes of Arthur, and currently plays for the Mighty Mountain soccer team. He is a monkey with a tan complexion and short brown colored hair. He wears a tan shirt, blue jeans and red-and-white colored sneakers. Despite the fact that he has appeared in several episodes, not much is known about him. His name was revealed in the episode "The Wheel Deal" and he is even nicknamed "slam dunk".


However, in the episode April 9th he is revealed to be a possible bully, as he and his friends were attempting to steal something from George, only to be stopped by Binky, who told them that George is in his class and only he could bully him. This may very well hint that at one time he along with his friends may have hung out with some members of the Tough Customers before they transferred to Lakewood Elementary School.