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Horace P. Crane

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This article is about Horace P. Crane. You may be looking for Horace, the Starcast judge.
Horace P. Crane
Horace crane.png
Gender Male
Animal Rodent

Cartoon debut The Curse of the Grebes

Horace P. Crane was an owner of the Elwood City Grebes. He most likely owned them for multiple years, one of which was 1918. He is the one who insisted on taking the 1918 championship home run ball from a child, to which the child initiated the "curse of the grebes."

In the episode, "The Curse of the Grebes," he appears in Francine's fantasy version of the curse story. According to Buster, Crane's second cousin's nephew's niece later found the old ball and laid it at the child's tombstone; reportedly reversing the "curse."