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Grandma Thora's House

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This article is about Thora's current house. You may be looking for Thora's childhood house.
Grandma Thora's House
Thora's House.png
Location Elwood City
Type House
Administrator Thora Read
Number of rooms 3 (Known)
Residents Thora Read
Killer (pet)

Grandma Thora's House[1] is a house in Elwood City, owned by Grandma Thora.


Arthur Website (Elwood City Map)[edit]

Grandma Thora's house is often full of the smell of fresh-baked treats. Unfortunately, in her case, the "treats" taste terrible! (She's not a very good cook.) But she means well, and aside from the cooking thing is a loving grandmother who helps her grandkids whenever and however she can. (She also plays a mean game of marbles!)

Inside and outside of Thora's House[edit]