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Boris Boudnikov

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This article is about Boris Boudnikov. You may be looking for Boris Belinsky.
Boris Boudnikov
Gender Male
Animal Goat
Hair color Brown
Job Ringmaster,
Circus camp counselor
Cartoon debut "Francine's Big Top Trouble"
Voiced by Elliot Gordon

Boris Boudnikov is a tumbler, trapeze artist, ring master, and the circus camp counselor of Boudnikov's Circus, seen in "Francine's Big Top Trouble." He is very flexible and athletic. He trained Arthur and his friends in many of the events in the circus except for clowning. He trained Francine's sister, Catherine, in tight rope walking in a previous year.




  • He is a caricature of Igor Boudnikov, the supervisor of character design from around seasons 10 to 15.[1]