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Animal Alien

Blorrg is a friendly, two-headed alien from the planet Shnarrrpo that came to take over the Earth on April Fool's Day.

Blorrg traveled 80 million dlavs to reach Earth to take over Arthur and Buster's newsletter, and decided to take over the whole planet since they were already here. Blorrg continued running the newsletter and even wrote a kravnox (wordsearch) to show that they are not mean.


Over the past million years, the inhabitants of the planet Shnarrrpo became smarter and smarter, until they were voted "smartest beings in the universe" in Intergalactic Time and Space Magazine. Blorrg was actually quite surprised at the announcement, as they thought the Flerbs on planet Gugooof would win easily.

Nowadays, the people of Shnarrrpo are very bored on April Fool's Day because they are all too smart to fool. They devised a plan to make all Earthlings nap from 3:00 to 4:00 next Thursday, during which time they will sneak in and rearrange everyone's furnature.


  • As revealed in its second kravnox, it was all an April Fool's Day joke by Arthur and Buster.
  • Blorrg seems to really like the game Alien: Assembly Required.

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