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This article is about the fire chief. You may be looking for Betsy Johnson.
ECFD Chief.png
Gender Female

Hair color Dark brown
Complexion White

Job Fireperson
Book debut Arthur's Fire Drill
Cartoon debut "April 9th"

Betsy is a firefighter active in Elwood City. She was one of dozens of firefighters to respond to the fire at Lakewood Elementary School, in the episode "April 9th."  In the same episode, she later determined that Binky Barnes had left his bookbag when they responded to a false alarm at Mighty Mountain

She appears to be in charge, as she refers to the other firefighters as "her crew".

She later appears in "The Buster Report," as the subject of Francine's important person report.


She has brown hair partially covered by a helmet with a "#1" on the front. She was seen wearing a typical fireman's coat with a coat and blue tie underneath.