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Beauregard Poulet

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Beauregard Poulet
Beauregard Poulet.png
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Hair color Grey
Complexion Brown
Cartoon debut "Sue Ellen Chickens Out"

Beauregard Poulet is the spokesperson of Chickin Lickin'.

Beauregard Poulet is not actually real, he is just an actor according to "Sue Ellen Chickens Out." Sue Ellen discovers this after attempting to complain to him about their attempt to buy out the Sugar Bowl in said episode, when he makes a public appearance at the mall to promote the outlet there.


  • He is a parody of Colonel Sanders from KFC.
  • Poulet means "chicken" in French.
    • Beauregard is a valise word for beau regard, which means "beautiful glare" in French.
      • His full name translates to "good-looking chicken."