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Alien (Fernkenstein's Monster)

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Alien (Fernkenstein's Monster)
Animal Alien

Eye color Red

Cartoon debut "Fernkenstein's Monster"

Fern suggested an alien as a less-scary option for her story in "Fernkenstein's Monster", but it was still too scary, so she had to make it even nicer.

It also appeared in the opening of "The Squirrels" where Arthur explains that scary and not-scary things can be very similar. It flew down in its Flying Saucer and knocked on Arthur's door. He slammed the door in its face, but it tried reaching its tentacle through the mail slot. Arthur sprinkled salt on it, and the alien shrunk down to a few inches tall. It then flew away, defeated.

In "Meet Me at the Fair", Buster imagined two of these aliens landing in an old car that he mistook for a UFO.



Postcards from Buster[edit]


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