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3rd Grade Female Monkey

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"3rd Grade Female Monkey" is not an official name.
3rd Grade Female Monkey
3rd Grade Female Monkey 1.JPG
Gender Female
Animal Monkey

Hair color Dark brown

Cartoon debut "D.W., Dancing Queen"

3rd Grade Female Monkey is an unnamed third grader who made her first appearance in the opening of the episode "D.W., Dancing Queen." Not much is known about her since she never spoke throughout the episode.

She was in the fantasy classes that Arthur was daydreaming about where his friends were the teachers. It is unknown if she really does go to Lakewood Elementary School.


3rd Grade Female Monkey is a monkey with a brown complexion. She wears a red shirt, long beige khakis, a pink scarf, and brown shoes. She has brown afro hair and has gold barrettes in her hair. She's similar to Francine Frensky.




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